We found a great adventure that is one for the bucket lists. It is staying on a historic Fort, in the middle of the Ocean.  It is called No Mans Fort and is a historic Fort, one of three, off the coast of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a world renowned shipyard city and thus had a large navy port. So, to protect this area, these forts were built. 

Originally built in the late 1800s, over 15 years, No Mans Fort was a Fort in the middle of the ocean to stop France from invading the UK. Then, after many years of non use (between 1920 and 1935) during World World Tour it was used again to help protect the UK. Oddly enough though, the forts have never really shot a gun or done anything in terms of actual warfare. Potentially the thought of them was enough to stop enemies from ever invading this area. 

Now they have been converted to a luxury hotel that takes up to 50 people a night. The food has been delicious and there have been many drinks to be had. A great stay. 


Approaching the Fort

The Central Lobby and Lounge
One of the many fun signs