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I am Jeff Summers. I am a Business Executive/Operations Leader who has built and lead highly productive teams (of up to 20 people), with a focus on people, process, and technology. I have a proven ability to drive organizational change through technology strategies and systems implementations.

I recently started my own company, Float into the Clouds, where we provide technology and CRM consulting services. Prior to this exciting venture, I have worked for MindField Group, AXA Pacific Insurance and Talent Technology in a number of capacities including:

Director, Technology
Director, Service Operations
Business Analyst
Service Delivery Manager

If you would like to talk about career or contract opportunities, I would love to hear from you!

You can also visit my LinkedIn profile for any specific details or Float into the Clouds, my company, for more details!

I also love cycling, photography, dogs, and travelling!


Cloud Computing
Software Project Management
Technology Problem Solving
Software Development Lifecycles
Business Analysis
Business Operations
Talent Recruiting/Recruitment Software
Software Implementations
Disaster Planning/Risk Reduction
Process Mapping and Process Improvement
Systems Architecture (I have helped architect and manage systems that have handled millions of records and are used by clients daily to submit job openings and receive candidates).
I am working on getting a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.


Certified Administrator


Certified Sales Cloud Consultant


Certified Pardot Consultant


Certified Developer

Six Sigma

Green Belt

International Business Analysis Institute



Certified Advanced Administrator


Certified Service Cloud Consultant


Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant

Vancouver Community College

Technical Writing Certificate

St. John’s Ambulance

First Aid

Bachelors of Business Administrator (BBA)

Visual Works

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Welcome to Election Day in the USA. Saw this on a city electrical box.Welcome to Election Day in the USA. Saw this on a city electrical box.2016-2478.jpg2016-2478.jpg2016-2460.jpg2016-2460.jpg2016-2450.jpg2016-2450.jpg2016-2436.jpg2016-2436.jpg2016-2434.jpg2016-2434.jpg2016-2430.jpg2016-2430.jpg2016-2418.jpg2016-2418.jpg2016-2408.jpg2016-2408.jpg2016-2402.jpg2016-2402.jpg2016-2374.jpg2016-2374.jpg2016-2370.jpg2016-2370.jpg2016-2358.jpg2016-2358.jpg2016-2350.jpg2016-2350.jpg2016-2341.jpg2016-2341.jpg2016-2335.jpg2016-2335.jpg2016-2329.jpg2016-2329.jpg2016-2317.mp42016-2317.mp42016-2309.jpg2016-2309.jpg2016-2302.jpg2016-2302.jpg2016-2294.jpg2016-2294.jpg2016-2286.jpg2016-2286.jpg2016-2283.jpg2016-2283.jpg2016-2281.jpg2016-2281.jpg2016-2279.jpg2016-2279.jpg2016-2273.jpg2016-2273.jpg2016-2269.jpg2016-2269.jpg2016-2263.jpg2016-2263.jpg2016-2261.jpg2016-2261.jpg2016-2248.jpg2016-2248.jpg2016-2244.jpg2016-2244.jpg2016-2238.jpg2016-2238.jpg2016-2236.jpg2016-2236.jpg2016-2228.jpg2016-2228.jpg2016-2226.jpg2016-2226.jpg2016-2218.jpg2016-2218.jpg2016-2212.jpg2016-2212.jpg2016-2206.jpg2016-2206.jpg2016-2198.jpg2016-2198.jpg2016-2196.jpg2016-2196.jpg2016-2192.jpg2016-2192.jpg2016-2190.jpg2016-2190.jpg2016-2182.jpg2016-2182.jpg2016-2178.jpg2016-2178.jpg2016-2172.jpg2016-2172.jpg2016-2166.jpg2016-2166.jpg2016-2162.jpg2016-2162.jpg2016-2158.jpg2016-2158.jpg2016-2157.jpg2016-2157.jpg2016-2154.jpg2016-2154.jpgfunction fjgwppInit_flickrGal0() {
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I love getting things done, especially off of my Bucket List. You can check it out on this site I found for managing my bucket list!

Bucket List

Jeff’s Social Networks

I have a few blogs that you can check out:

Have You Ever Thought Of

on here I write about the random quirks in life and things that when you think about it don’t make any sense.

Lessons from the Towers

on here I write about my recent adventure living in London and the United Kingdom and the random lessons you learn living in another country.

SalesForce Guru

on here I write about salesforce.com and the various tips and tricks I have learned and can share with the salesforce.com community.

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