Jeff Summers

Jeff Summers, Technology & HR Executive

I, Jeff Summers, am a seasoned, forward thinking IT/Technology Executive with a focus in Cloud Computing, Software Project Management, CRM Management and Talent Recruiting/Recruitment Software Implementations. I have helped architect and manage systems that have handled millions of candidates in the last 3 years. From working in technology I have had the luck of using my strong skills in project management, business analysis, software/hardware architecture, networking, process improvement, speaking, and problem solving daily. I constantly look forward to changes in my role to better suit my strengths and my devotion to the company I work with. I have managed teams of up to 15 people to deliver recruitment solutions for clients. I have also managed substantial budgets annually. Besides developing what is expected by the client, I have assured that we always deliver above expectations and achieve our SLAs. When any opportunity exists to improve the process I help work with the team to accomplish that goal by conducting the business analysis, identifying the improvement, architecting the solution, and then training the team on said improvement. I am working on getting a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Specialties: Human Resources Process improvement SalesForce Process mapping Talent Recruiting Recruitment Software Training Business Analysis Process Analysis Project Management CRM System Management & Implementation Canadian Labour Relations Law experience eMarketing Team Leadership Talent Acquisition Budgeting Workforce Planning & Staffing IT & Finance Recruiting Business Change Management Strategic Planning IT Technology

Jeff Summers's Background

Jeff Summers's Experience

Senior Director, IT/Information Technology at MindField Group

December 2009

I manage the talent recruitment technology and systems teams for a 55 person recruitment firm/RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) that delivers recruitment/recruiting services for leading Canadian retailers across Canada. Presently the systems and processes we have built have handled nearly hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions candidates in 3 years. The primary focus in my role as Senior Director, IT/Information Technology is to help architect and oversee the systems and technology we use daily. This includes playing the role of a Business Analyst to constantly evaluate the business. From there, we then determine the appropriate technology or process improvement to ensure we improve operations while reducing cost, and thus improving our client's time and cost per hire. The team I manage handles our HireDesk Applicant Tracking System, SalesForce CRM system and 12 other supporting systems/processes. From my oversight we have managed to save a 10% labour cost in the past year with system improvements. Our team is also responsible for helping to create a client delivery and central reporting platform that allow everyone in the organization to get the reports they want, with no Excel manipulation, in one system. Furthermore, our team is also responsible for helping to create innovative recruitment solutions that allow us to truly, and seamless represent our client's brands so that potential candidates have no idea they are talking with MindField Group instead of the respective client's actual teams. I presently manage a substantial budget and have two direct reports at MindField RPO Group.

Co-Founder at Orbital Web Design

June 1998 - December 2010

Worked with an IT Partner to identify the opportunity to develop, and host, custom websites for a number of Vancouver-based SMB's. The projects I worked on included helping to setup the accounting and reporting systems to fully understand what our clients needed, and were doing on a daily business.

Manager, Recruitment Programs and Service Delivery at MindField Group

July 2008 - December 2009

I managed a team of ten recruiters who provided 2 qualified candidates for every job vacancy within 72 hours for leading Canadian retailers. I architected, implemented and managed the systems, processes and technology that allowed us to deliver over 80% success on our 2 candidates in 72 hours metric. In this role I had to use my business analysis skills to determine the best process for our team given this was a newly developed product. Some of the key projects and successes in this role included delivering successful results to a large Canadian retailer so they increased the number of stores we recruited for them with from 3 stores to 140+ stores. Another key project included developing the sourcing systems and processes which allowed us to drive in upwards of 2000 candidates per week for our clients.

Business Systems & Marketing Architect at MindField Group

May 2008 - July 2008

In this role I was responsible for establishing the technology roadmap for this organization. In addition, I was responsible for establishing the marketing management aspects of MindField Group, including all online and traditional marketing mediums. Given my involvement in a client implementation, I was quickly promoted from this role into the Manager, Recruitment Programs and Service Delivery for said client implementation.

Senior Business Analyst at AXA Canada

January 2008 - May 2008

In this role I worked with the Marketing and Business Development teams to conduct a Business Analysis of "client and broker needs" for insurance products. With that knowledge I then worked with those teams internally to develop appropriate insurance products and related marketing materials. The key project in this role was the creation of a Broker Database/CRM system that allowed our team to have a central list of our brokers, and their related skills and sales data. Previously this data did not exist in one location.

Solutions Delivery Manager at Talent Technology Corporation

October 2006 - December 2007

In this position I am responsible for managing the team that manages all of the HireDesk Recruiting Software Implementations. Part of this role also includes assisting with technical account management, pre-sales and internal company training. On average my team is responsible for implementing $300k of contract revenue (which is approximately 40 clients) per quarter.

Solutions Specialist at HireDesk Solutions Corporation

August 2005 - October 2006

Was Promoted to Solutions Delivery Manager with Talent Technology Corporation in 2006

Internet Marketing Manager at HireDesk

May 2004 - May 2005

In this position I was responsible for managing all of the Internet Marketing initiatives for HireDesk. I was also responsible for implementing and managing our CRM Implementation. I was able to successfully bring 50 staff onto the platform in one month. On the marketing side I was responsible for increasing conversions by 15% per quarter.

Jeff Summers's Education

Vancouver Community College

2008 – 2010


Six Sigma Online

2009 – 2009

Green Belt

Concentration: Six Sigma Online

Capilano University

2002 – 2005


Concentration: Marketing

Jeff Summers's Interests & Activities

Marketing, Transportation, Creating New Things, Technology, Cycling